Thursday, 07 September 2017 07:18

A New Mural in our BIA

I'm so pleased to announce that through a collaboration with Police Constable Ingrid Hannah (54 Division - north side of Danforth), the Street Art Program/City of Toronto Public Realm department, and artist Andre Castro, we have a beautiful new mural on the back wall of our Postables building located at 358 Danforth Avenue. Please see attached photo.

During this past Spring, Constable Hannah and I conducted visits with some of our members who requested site safety reviews. During our meeting with the owners of Postables we learned that the back wall of the building was constantly being vandalized. The area behind Postables is a walkway/laneway for people coming from the parking located behind the Carrot Common so it qualified for the mural program.

I'd like to extend a very special thanks to Constable Hannah for her time and effort in overseeing this project on our behalf. This is a beautiful addition to that part of the BIA and will hopefully dissuade anyone from further vandalizing the property.

I invite you all to take a stroll and see the mural live and in colour:-)


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