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A Security Reminder

We've noticed a slight increase in store thefts over the past few days within the BIA area. As you all know this sort of thing does happen - sometimes there's a wave of incidents and then nothing. So this is a reminder to be aware of the customers coming into your location. If an incident does occur in your business we urge you to please report it to the police. These reports are an important way for our police to know what is going on in our area and then appropriately assign patrols.

What to do if an incident happens in your business:

1. If there is an immediate threat please call 911
2. If there is NO immediate threat please report the incident by calling the Police at: 416-808-2222
3. I've included our 2 area Crime Prevention Officers in this email:
- 54 Division (north side of Danforth); Constable Ingrid Hannah
- 55 Division (south side of Danforth); Constable Jonathon Morrice
If you have questions or concerns you may contact them directly (emails listed above) or please contact me and I will contact Ingrid and Jonathon on your behalf. Ingrid and I conducted a safety/security site visit for one our businesses just this past week. I'm more than happy to arrange a site visit for any of our business members - again just let me know.

Thank You,

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54 Police Division: 416-808-5400
55 Police Division: 416-808-5500

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