41 Countries, 41 Days

We're counting down 41 days to Light the Night with Thrill of the Grill by featuring fun little facts about the 41 participating countries!

Week 1

Antigua and Barbuda – Warm weather fashion

Antigua offers an unbroken wall of coral reef and island warmth as does Erietta’s and Aroo with their custom fashions for summer. While Barbuda boasts the world’s largest Frigate sanctuary, find peace, tranquility and sanctuary at Urban Nails as you pamper yourself with any of their relaxing treatments.

Argentina – Flavours of dance, music and food

The birthplace of the tango and the heart of Latin music take a moment to visit the Danforth Music Hall considered the heart of music in Toronto or discover your own groove learning the Tango at the Joy of Dance and re fuel your body and satisfy your hunger with delectable and fall off the bone food at Rodeo.

Aruba – Beer and Coffee

Aruba has its white sandy beaches and some of the warmest people in the world, take a moment to visit the Coffee Time on the Danforth. Not only will you enjoy their rich smooth coffee but also the patio and great hospitality making you feel like you are on vacation. Or drop by Dora Keogh where friendly people and cold refreshments take you back to Aruba and 82 degrees every day.

Bahamas – getting geared up for summer

Nightlife in the Bahamas will have you working up a sweat with food, fun and dancing. Work up a sweat with a bike from Cyclemania and get to the Social Butterfly and LaDiDa on the Danforth to get all you need to look great on the town.

Barbados - Comfortable Relaxation

Barbados is currently best known as the birthplace of Rihanna but was once considered the healthiest place in the world and H2O Float Spa is the #1 place on the Danforth to enrich your well-being. Barbados is also known for its sweet and savory deserts as is Dough Bakery on the Danforth, drop by and pick up something sweet and delicious.

Belize- Relaxation and good food- recipe for summer

Exploring the exotic in Belize is a great opportunity to experience multiple cultures and languages in one country known for its beautiful beaches, BBQ and seafood but if you can’t get to Belize, explore The Yoga Sanctuary and find culinary serenity with great BBQ at the Auld Spot and Seafood at Off the Hook.


Bermuda is a rich fusion of British colonial history and local heritage that has developed into something unlike anywhere else in the world not dis-similar to Mihali’s Place on the Danforth where you can enjoy some of Toronto’s best food and finish it off with a relaxing, rich coffee, expresso, or decadent dessert at Café Fiorentina. 

Week 2


Football is Bolivia’s national sport. With a visit to the Academy Foot & Orthotic Clinic and Foot Solutions your feet will be happy for summer sports.


Brazilian beauties head to Just 4 Nails & Spa before brushing up on their dance moves at Hannan’s Dance Academy and Mikes Music.

British Virgin Islands

Honor the British Virgin Islands with a new beach-friendly hairdo styled by the artists at Bob & Paige and then head over to Incanto to select your matching resort wear.


Prep your picnic basket with supplies from the LCBO, Shoppers, Everywhere Garment Co and Loblaws. Great Canadian Companies!

Cayman Islands

Celebrate the Cayman Islands with culinary delights at the Big Carrot and then head down to Melon Head for some Pan Am fun.


Represent love, Chilean style. For all your beautiful summer wedding arrangements, visit Peter Paul’s Leaf & Bloom, Spiros and Vogue Sposa.

Week 3


Columbia is a bird watchers’ paradise. A country of lush rain forests, Columbia has more than twice the number of bird species as North America, including the Andean Condor, the national flapper. Why not enjoy a cold pint inside the Danforth’s own celebrated bird; the Black Swan. Did you know that Columbian’s have been producing stunning ceramic art as early as 3,000 B.C.? Isn’t it time you experienced The Clay Room and create your own brilliant ceramic masterpiece?


Life is sweet in Costa Rica, a tropical paradise of pristine beaches, crystal lakes and glistering jungles. When not playing the national sport of soccer, Costa Ricans tuck into local dishes made from the freshest ingredients and an abundance of exotic fruits and vegetables. Fresh ingredients bursting with flavour are part of the signature dishes prepared at 7 Numbers. Don’t forget to visit neighbouring Second Cup to experience La Minita Tarrazú, a mild Costa Rican blend with a fruity finish exclusive to this fine coffee shop.


Experience the tastes and atmosphere of a hot night in Havana right here on the Danforth at the Mambo Lounge. Cubans love to party with family and friends, and its night life is legendary. Mambo Lounge captures the magic of Cuba with traditional and contemporary cuisine, Cuban music and some of the best mojitos north of the Yucatán Strait. Cuba also has a rich tradition of growing herbs for natural medicines. The trained medical professionals at the Ottway Herbalist work exclusively with natural remedies and are ready to serve you.


Dominica is known as ‘The Nature Island’ for its unspoiled beauty, including the tropical rainforests that cover two-thirds of the island. The cuisine of this sparsely populated country of 70,000 is influenced by many cultures including French and Asian. On the Danforth, Taste of the Silk Road is also inspired by the flavours of Asia, serving up fine dishes from China, Thailand and Indonesia. Visitors to Dominica should pack for active days and casual nights. envelop is an exciting Canadian fashion label that mixes classic sensibility with stylish modernity for women and men.


The ‘DR’ is a popular hotspot for Canadian tourists. It’s easy to see why. The Dominican Republic is rich in local hospitality, breathtaking nature and unique cultural experiences. The birth place of famous international fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, Dominican’s have a flair for fashion. So too does the Danforth’s El Pipil, a popular destination for exquisite women’s clothing, hats and scarves. The DR also has a strong coffee culture. Timothy’s also has a rich coffee tradition and invites you to enjoy a world of coffee at its Danforth café.


Straddling the equator of South America’s west coast, the Republic of Ecuador literally means the Republic of the Equator. Ecuador offers a world of adventure, including the Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and Galápagos Islands. Picture walking the narrow streets of century’s old Quito, Ecuador’s charming capital city sporting a creative new cut by the Danforth’s Sheila’s Shear Art or the latest styles and accessories from Alchemy for women. While local cuisine is not particularly spicy, Aji criollo is a local hot sauce that Ecuadorians add to taste. To spice things up at home, drop by The Caribbean Dutchpot for some Caribbean classics.


“Buenos dias,” the appropriate greeting on a sunny, El Salvador morning. El Salvador is Central America’s smallest country, famous for its Pacific Ocean beaches, excellent surfing and volcanic landscape. It was once known as the ‘coffee republic’ for its extensive production of coffee, a fun fact brought to you by the Oxford Learning Centre, a leader in supplementary education. Why not explore new worlds from the extensive selection of books and magazines at Book City, or learn online with a new computer from Riverdale Mac. And if El Salvador is your next destination, check out a pair of stylish prescription sunglasses from Modern Optical, Quality Optical or Ratas Optical.

Week 4


Der Dietemann, Toth Creative. Capital: St. George's, Population: 109,590 (2012), Area: 348.5 km2, National Sport: Cricket, Government: Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monachy, National Flower: Bougainvillea, National Bird: Grenada Dove, National Beverage: Rum or Carib (beer), Languages: English


KO Burger, Kobo Nobu, UPS Store. Capital: Guatemala City, Population: 15,806,675 (2014), Area: 108,889 km2, National Sport: Football, Government: Unitary presidential republic, National Flower: White Nun Orchid, National Bird: Resplendent Quetzal, National Beverage: Gallo (beer), Languages: Spanish


Evy Mama, The 100 Mile Child, Wong's Camera - picture perfect children. Capital: Georgetown, Population: 214,970 (2014), Area: 214,970 km2, National Sport: Cricket, Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic, National Flower: The Victorian Lily, National Bird: Pheasant, National Animal: Jaguar, National Beverage: Dark Rum, Languages: English, Guyanese Creole


FRESH Floral, Dessa - a taste of the tropics. Capital: Port-au-Prince, Population: 9,996,731 (2014), Area: 27.750 km2, National Sport: Football, Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic, National Flower: Hibiscus, National Bird: Hispaniolan trogon, National Beverage: Rhum Barbancourt, Languages: Haitian Creole, French


Broadview Flower & Fruit Market, Black Pearl. Capital: Tegucigalpa, Population: 8,249,574 (2010), Area: 112,492 km2, National Sport: Football Government: Presidential republic, National Flower: Orchid, National Bird: Scarlet Macaw, National Animal: White-tailed deer, National Beverage: Guaro, Languages: Spanish


Blue Corss Animal Hospital, Small Wonders, Global Pets - Jamaica has the 'Doctor Bird'; Danforth has everything for your pets. Capital: Kingston, Population: 2,889,187 (2012), Area: 10,991 km2, National Sport: Cricket  Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, National Flower: Lignum Vitae, National Bird: Doctor Bird or Swallow Tail Humming Bird, National Beverage: Rum, Languages: English, Jamaican Patois

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