The AAA Advantages of the Danforth


The AAA experience that combines accessibility, affluence and affordability for your business in one of the city’s most progressive neighbourhoods.

Locating your retail or restaurant business on The Danforth gives you some significant advantages that can be a deal maker for starting your path to success.  Compared to many other parts of the city, the Riverdale community that anchors our commercial district has some preferable advantages that can add up in your favour.

Accessibility Second to None

Served by the Bloor Danforth subway line, our community is only 3 subway stops from the urban centre of Yonge & Bloor and a great mix of Light Rail Transit and Bus options that flow north and south into our area.  TTC research shows that the Chester and Broadview Stations alone in our area are frequented by more than 10,000 people on foot each day.  It’s a good indicator of how strong pedestrian traffic in our area is each day.

Traveling by car? The Danforth is mere seconds from the Bloor off ramp of the DVP and offers a great mix of street parking, private parking and a series of Green P lots located just steps from Danforth Avenue.

Best of all we are within walking distance of some of the most loyal and engaged communities anywhere in the city. Research shows that 62 percent of our community shop for groceries within the neighbourhood and dine out on average more than 7 times per month. Locally focused is one of the reasons why the Danforth community has been recognized as one of the best areas of the GTA for per capita CO2 emission levels where more people walk and cycle to work and shopping more than many other areas of the city.

Affluence & Affordability

Getting connected to a well resourced customer can spell the difference between success and failure in a business.  The Danforth gives you great proximity to consumers who are above average in annual income, education and home ownership.

  • 57% have post secondary education and higher
  • The Danforth area averages approximately 46% of households with income greater than $100,000 per year Compared to the Toronto average of just over 21%,
  • Home renovation and decorating is a community priority and with Danforth home ownership at almost 50% we are approximately 4 percent higher than the Toronto average that when combined with a strong real estate market makes for a well resourced and locally focused consumer.
  • In a city where retail locations can be as high as $250 to $300 per square foot in Bloor Yorkville and Downtown Yonge, the Danforth offers business an affordable option of retail opportunities that average from $40 - $60 per square foot. With many of the same customers as these areas, the Danforth gives retailers and restaurants a very attractive alternative. 

A Retail Location Where Creativity is Rewarded

In contrast to other areas of Toronto, the Danforth is home to a very wide variety of business that range from well known national retail brands to small independents.

It’s a mix that rewards the innovative retailer and restaurant who knows how to make themselves standout from the crowd.

For a listing of the A to Z variety that makes up our commercial strip, just click here to see some familiar names and ones you won’t find anywhere else.

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