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Albany Medical Clinic

Street: 807 Broadview Ave.
Phone: 416-461-9471

Medical Clinics & Labs
Open 7 days
No Appointment Necessary
Immigration Medicals
Travel Clinic
Physiotherapy Clinic
X-RAY Lab and Pharmacy On-Site

General Practitioners:


  • [Allergy] Donsky J. M.D.
  • [Allergy] Grad E. M.D.
  • [Cardiology] Levinson Art M.D.
  • [Colonoscopy Clinic] Maharaj Ash M.D.
  • [Colonoscopy Clinic] Parekh J. M.D.
  • [Dental] Dr. Hugh Frazer & Associates
  • [Dermatology] Dutil M. M.D.
  • [Dermatology] Hacker P. M.D.
  • [Dietician] Dube Glenda Less
  • [Gastroenterology] Freidlander S. M.D.
  • [Geriatrics] Kormendi F. M.D.
  • [Gynaecology] Badmos L. M.D.
  • [Gynaecology] Batarseh S. M.D.
  • [Gynaecology] Brill Y. M.D.
  • [Gynaecology] Davis V. M.D.
  • [Internal Medicine] Rauchwerger M. M.D.
  • [Neurology] Lazarou J. M.D.
  • [Neurology] Modell G. M.D.
  • [Ophthalmology] Epstein N. M.D.
  • [Ophthalmology] Rabinovitch J. M.D.
  • [Orthopaedic Surgery] Guerra J. M.D.
  • [Orthopaedic Surgery] Wiley A. M.D.
  • [Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery] Chang M. M.D.
  • [Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery] Katyal A. M.D.
  • [Pain Clinic] Gagliano A. M.D.
  • [Pediatrician] Flanders Tamar M.D.
  • [Physical Medicine] Godfrey C. M.D.
  • [Plastic Surgery] Kesarwani M.D.
  • [Podiatry] Klayman A.
  • [Psychiatry] Duckworth G. M.D.
  • [Psychiatry] Ralley L. M.D.
  • [Surgery] Affifi R. M.D.
  • [Surgery] Hiraki G. M.D.
  • [Surgery] McKenna J. M.D.
  • [Surgery] Norman N. M.D.
  • [Urology] Kell J. M.D.
  • [Urology] MacMillan R. M.D.



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The Sunflower Project

In celebration of BD Beats, BIA business member @cobsdanforth (156 Danforth Ave.) will be spearheading ‘The Sunflower Project’ , a fundraiser in support of a Ukrainian family’s recent resettlement in Toronto. Vibrant solar powered sunflowers (the official flower of Ukraine) will be available beginning at noon on June 4 with proceeds going directly to the family. A group of volunteer youth will be selling the sunflowers for a minimum donation of $20 each at the BIA CafeTO parkette located in the curb lane enclosure in front of COBS. The goal is to sell one hundred sunflowers by 3pm. For those unable to attend but wishing to make a donation, please click below


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