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Joy of Dance Centre

Street: 95 Danforth Ave. 3rd Floor
Phone: 416-406-DANCE

Dance Lessons


Jennifer L. Jones - Owner and Artistic Director for Joy of Dance Center & Teachers College

  1. What is your name and position? Jennifer L. Jones owner and artistic director
  2. What was your first job? I was fourteen and I worked in a warehouse for an import company doing whatever they told me to do. I was paid $2.10 an hour – minimum wage at the time.
  3. What were you doing before you opened your business? I was working at the University of Toronto in marketing and communications.
  4. How long has your business been operating in the Danforth area? We have been open for four and a half years. It took almost 8 months to do the renovations within the space.
  5. Why did you open your business? Dance is a magical transformative interaction with people. I wanted to spend my time making life better both mine and customers.
  6. Why did you pick the Danforth area? I love the Riverside area. There is a special feel and real community in this area. It is so much better than downtown which was our other choice. Also the Bloor subway line was a real attraction.
  7. As a child what did you think you'd be doing right now? I thought I would be on Broadway dancing and performing. I wanted to be in the movie “All That Jazz” or in a Chorus Line.
  8. Most interesting thing you've ever witnessed in the Danforth area? ~
  9. Other than your own business what is your next favourite business in the Danforth area? To pick one is hard. Right now my favourite is Dough bakery. I love the smell the best.
  10. What has changed about your business since you opened? We have expanded. We are now on two floors and have four studios. We also started as just ballroom and have now moved to all forms of dance and fitness. As well as every age.
  11. What do you enjoy most about your business? I love the people. I am so blessed by the students who come to the studio. It really feels like family. Everyone is so warm generous and happy. I think dance being the common bond allows us to be happier and friendlier people.
  12. Do you play music during business hours? If yes what do you listen to? We are all about music. Each day you will hear all kinds of music. You can dance to any kind of music. Lady Gaga’s music is great to dance Cha Cha.
  13. What are you currently reading? The Book of Joe by Johathan Tropper which is really funny as well as My Man Jeeves by PG Wodehouse which is very English and very funny.
  14. Who is the most inspiring person to you living or dead? Recently I am inspired by Lyn Crawford the chef. She is so authentic and genuine. She is true to her craft and she honours her talents.
  15. Who are your heroes of fiction/non-fiction? I have always been inspired by Henry the VIII which may seem strange but the man was very brilliant and a real leader. He fostered the arts much greater than Elizabeth did but she seems to get the credit.
  16. Do you live in the neighbourhood? I live in Etobicoke. I did before we opened the business. I love the community here as well. I was able to buy a house that was much bigger and had more sq. ft lot than in Riverdale. I also commute at the odd times so it usually is not long to get to work.
  17. Do you Facebook Twitter or blog? facebook
  18. If you were granted one wish what would you wish for? I would wish that we discovered the gene that made us fight and go to war and we find a way to manage it even suppress it.
  19. What do you like to do when you're not at work? My best therapy is music. I play oboe in the Toronto Community Orchestra and it is so the best theraphy for my brain besides dancing.
  20. Any exciting news or events happening at your business? We are constantly evolving which is exciting. We are holding a White Tie and Tiara Ball at the King Edward Hotel on Sunday February 21 and everyone is welcome to join us. There will be dinner performances and great dancing.

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