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Medical Marijuana Clinics of Canada

Street: 121 Danforth Ave.
Phone: 647-350-6622

The field of Medical Marijuana can be confusing for both patients and doctors alike. Many patients would like to learn more about marijuana as a treatment option, but are unsure of where to turn for help. Similarly, many physicians are unfamiliar with medical marijuana as a treatment option and may be hesitant to consider it.

At Medical Marijuana Clinics of Canada, we will assess, treat and follow patients who suffer from chronic illnesses and who wish to consider medical marijuana as a treatment option. Our team of medical doctors, nurses and staff seek to create a comfortable environment for patients to receive the treatment they are looking for.

Medical Marijuana Clinics of Canada was founded by Dr. Ryan Yermus. Dr. Yermus graduated from medical school at the University of Ottawa and completed his residency training at the University of Toronto. He believes that patients should be entitled to advocate for the treatment option of their choice.

Located in: Health | Medical

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