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Thursday, 16 September 2010 10:21

Danforth Avenue Fermentations! Scores GOLD and SILVER at National Competition

September 15, 2010

Charles Fajgenbaum, owner of Fermentations!, Toronto's premiere on site winery and brewery is proud to announce that two wines made on site have scored a gold, and silver medal at the amateur Winemakers Of Canada National competition held September 11, 2010.

“It is incredibly challenging to get wines to the national competition- they must first go through two rounds of competition, the second round having the top Ontario winemakers going head to head. To have two wines make it to the national competition is a very tough challenge, and to be awarded two medals is against the top made Canadian wines is a great achievement, I am just unbelievably happy and proud”, beamed Charles.

Doubly exciting is not just winning the medals, but the quality of the competition. There are over 30 Amateur Winemakers Of Canada participants that have gone on to work and produce exceptional wines at commercial wineries. Making the competition even more challenging is the fact that amateurs are not constrained by VQA regulations, and can source grapes from around the world. Additionally, these grapes, sourced from our own Niagara region, or as far away as Napa Valley, Chile and Italy represent the finest grapes available in any given year, making the level of competition even more intense.

The wining wines were a Shiraz, made with grapes sourced from a grape farm situated in the Sierra Mountains of California, which scored a silver medal, and a Vidal Icewine, made from Niagara grapes.

Fermentations has been a mecca for Torontonians searching out the opportunity to make exceptional wines since 1993. The award winning wines were made by Charles, using exactly the same methods, and raw materials that Fermentations clients use.

“With our Harvest Festival 2010 going on now, our clients can choose from a wide variety of locally grown conventional and organic grapes, as well as sampling the bounty from select vineyards in California. From a delicious easy Pinot Gris, to a robust full bodied Chardonnay, or a rich Rioja styled red or even full bodied Zinfandel from grape vines almost 70 years old, these medals will help remind our current and future clients that at Fermentations!, they can always drink well, and spend less”

Fermentations! is located at 201 Danforth Avenue, or on the internet at

For further information on the medal winning wines, or Harvest Festival 2010, contact Charles Fajgenbaum at 416 778 9000.