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Yoga Sanctuary News

Arm & Hand Balancing with Karen Cove starts Dec 3rd at Danforth 
This teacher training will focus on both self-practice and the art of refining communication on how to safely teach the more advanced and challenging arm and hand balances. Tuning into the anatomical details of the shoulder girdle, arms, wrists and hands.
Practice & Ponder with Anne-Marie Hood at Danforth
In Samkhya Philosophy, one of the six schools of Classical Indian thought, the created world is said to be made of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, combined in various proportions.  In this workshop we will contemplate each of the elements. 
Yoga to Ease Stress with Harriet Ross starts Nov 20th 
These gentle classes are designed to calm and centre your state of being, reduce anxiety (both acute or chronic), and increase your resilience to stress. 
 iRest Yoga Nidra Part 2 with Philip Beck starts Nov 20th 
iRest is a path of meditation for relaxation, health, healing and awakening. The depth and breadth of these practices will provide both the novice and experienced meditator with new knowledge and new practices that can enliven and enlighten for a lifetime.
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