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Faces & Places on the Danforth: Cindy @ PilatesWithCindy

Meet Cindy! She runs a small practice called Pilates with Cindy here in our BIA. Her studio is located just above a small store overlooking the Danforth.

Cindy was originally a professional dancer, which is where she was first introduced to Pilates as a form of core strengthening. She’s had her business here since 2010 (8rs). She has been practicing Pilates now for over 20 yrs. After retiring from dance, she moved to Vancouver to pursue her teacher training with her mentor there. She remained in Vancouver for 4 yrs, eventually working out of the studio run by her mentor. But her family were all here in Toronto, and she soon felt the call to come back to her roots.

Upon her return she opened her business, and then started to add other modalities that complimented her business. She now offers Holistic Nutrition & Acupuncture on top of her Pilates training.

Cindy loves the energy the most here on the Danforth. She’s always been drawn to this area, despite not being a local resident outside her business. Upon first returning from Vancouver she used to attend classes at a studio called Metro Movement up on Broadview, and even started running her business out of that studio. But they eventually moved, at which point she established her business where it is today. She says she finds there are many similar practices in this area that make it desirable from her perspective, and has even worked to collaborate with them to help further their growth as a community. She has since started a Facebook group called Practitioners on the Danforth, where they work together and discuss the current trends and developments in their field. They even cross refer patients where they may find suitable alternatives all within the neighbourhood.

If you are interested in finding out more check out her website www.pilateswithcindy.ca

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