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Faces & Places on the Danforth: Keiley @ Small Wonders

Meet our newest Face for our Faces/ Places profiles - Keiley of @smallwondersto. Many people here know her for the great pet store she runs, her avid passion for dogs & cats, and great sense of humour. But she’s also the key person behind putting together the Go Fund Me campaign immediately after tragedy hit our community in July. Her compassion not only extends to just our four legged friends but our community as well. You can see her pictured here with the store’s two family members: Diego & Rupert. You can often follow their shenanigans on her social media feed.

Small Wonders has been in this neighbourhood for the last 25 years, and has been a big staple for pet supplies in this community. Keiley eventually took it over from the original owner, Kimberley, once she was ready to move on. Keiley had been working for her on and off, in between her animal projects over the years and decided this was the next logical step in her plans. Their loyal customers were relieved to see that Small Wonders was not closing its doors for good. They have witnessed many generations of cats & dogs come through the store over the years, and she loves every single one of them!

Keiley’s been a resident in this neighbourhood since the 80s and is very fond of the sense of community here. She says it feels like it is a village within a city, where you come to know all the people so well and build long lasting relationships with them. You see them at parks, at the local shops and venues. You watch their kids grow up. She enjoys that you get to see the generations of people/pets move through this community as the years go by; bringing up her own memories of going to Detroit Eatery when she was pregnant. Now her daughter who is 28, is a frequent patron.

Stop in and say hi. There’s always a friendly face to greet you there!

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