Thursday, 09 January 2014 03:16

Icy Sidewalks

From Susan Puff, BIA Executive Director:

Happy New Year to all of our BIA Businesses!

It's certainly been quite a couple of weeks between power outages, ice storms, snow and freezing cold. I personally would like to thank all of the businesses who helped residents in this area, like myself, during the power outage - I was able to charge my blackberry at many of your spots and for that I'm truly grateful:-) And, I know that I wasn't the only one that you all helped.

A little bit of a reminder to everyone now that things have calmed down weather wise - please try to do your best to clear and/or salt your sidewalks. I've received a number of complaints from shoppers in the past couple of days that businesses haven't been keeping up with salting etc. I know that there's been a shortage of salt in the stores which hasn't helped this situation. I walked through our area today and there are spots that could use some attention. It will be getting warmer tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday so a lot of the ice should completely melt but please be aware that the water will freeze up again at night.

Thanks for your on-going help with this situation.

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