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Friday, 29 December 2017 00:00

Scam alert

I've received a couple of reports this afternoon from our retailer members that a man is making the rounds in our area, going into our stores claiming that he had bought gifts for his daughter who then passed away over the holidays and he would now like to return the items.  He has no receipts and in fact it appears that he is actually shoplifting items before heading to the cash desk to ask for a refund.  For those of you who have been hit please report this to the police - you can do a report on-line - if this happened to you today or yesterday, please report it.  For those of you who have security photos or videos please attach the file to your report.  I have also included our two Danforth area police constables in this email (see their email addresses in the cc section above): Ingrid Hannah handles the north side of the Danforth; Jonathan Morrice handles the south side of the Danforth.  You can email them directly as well.
Thank you for your attention to this and for taking the time to report any incidents to the police.
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