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Friday, 17 May 2019 09:21

Friday BIA Things (May 17)

Happy Friday Folks,

Just a couple of things to end off the week.

A-Frame Sign Permits:

Now that the weather seems to have turned for the better some of you have been putting out your A-Frame signs in front of your businesses. Just a reminder that you need a permit for your sign, your sign can only be placed in front of your business and should be properly weighted so it doesn't blow over and lie on the sidewalk on a windy day. If you don't have a permit the City will remove your sign and fine you. Here is the City of Toronto's link for A-Frame sign permit applications:
Permits - temporary signs - A-frame - mobile signs ... - City of Toronto

Dog Thefts:

Yes you read that correctly. Recently there has been an increase in people snatching dogs that are tied up in front of businesses waiting while their owners are inside shopping. Honestly I just shake my head at the things some people do but... for those of you who see a customer tie up their dog before coming into your business just give them a reminder to keep an eye on their furry one.

And finally I hope that you all have a really great first long weekend of the season. Enjoy!

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