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Wednesday, 07 October 2020 07:31

Some Clarification on Covid Testing, Self Isolating, Contact Information

Hi Folks,

Several of you had some additional questions about testing and self isolating for staff and taking contact information of customers. I hope that the following information will help:

1. If you are notified that a customer or a staff member has tested positive then your staff that were working either when the customer was in or when the infected staff person was working need to go and get tested. Right now there's a bit of a wait to get tests and to get results so your staff need to self-isolate basically for 14 days from the time of contact with the infected person. This applies even if they get tested and the result is negative - the reason being is that if a test is done right after exposure the virus may not have built up enough to register on the test - so the result is negative but the virus is actually in the body. 14 days is the prescribed amount of time to self-isolate - any symptoms will present within that time period.

2. Restaurants and Bars were legislated to take contact information for all customers within each party (formerly you only had to take information for one person in the party). However over the past weekend Toronto Public Health announced that they were temporarily suspending contact tracing due to their inability to keep up with the high numbers. Councillor Fletcher's office has confirmed with TPH that restaurants and bars still need to collect contact information for all of their customers. "under Ontario Regulation 364/20 (Rules for areas in Stage 3, under food and drink), as well as By-law 665-2020, amending Chapter 545, restaurants are still required to record and maintain customer information (for a period of 30 days, and then destroyed securely)."

Here is an additional link with information if you or your staff have been exposed to covid:

I've also attached a list of all Shopper's Drug Marts in the GTA that are currently doing covid testing. 



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