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Wednesday, 15 September 2021 00:00

Guidance to Support Proof of Vaccinations

Good Afternoon All, 

This afternoon the Province released the regulations and guidance for businesses and organizations to support them in implementing proof of vaccination requirements, which take effect on September 22, 2021.  You can click on each of the links shown above to get full information however I've downloaded the Guidance document and have attached it to this email.  I'm urging all of you to take the time to read through the attached document even if you aren't one of the businesses that needs to comply with this new regulation. It's prudent for you to know what is expected if you go to one of the businesses that falls within this regulation.
A couple of highlights:
- For our restaurant members - you do NOT need to do a vaccination verification if you have a patron who is dining outdoors but needs to come inside to use the washroom; is just doing pick-up; is accessing an outdoor patio that can only be accessed through an indoor route; children who are 11years old or younger - See page 4 of the attached document
- For our dance studios and martial arts studios - students under the age of 18 who are entering your indoor facility for the purpose of participating in the class do NOT need to provide proof of vaccination.  However if they are spectators then proof of vaccination is required - See page 5 of attached document for more detailed information.
- For all businesses who fall within this new legislation the details of how to verify vaccines starts on page 6 and goes through to page 9 of the attached document.  This is going to be a bit onerous - you will need to verify that the customer has had 2 shots and has had them more than 14 days from the day you're doing the verification; you will need to match the name and date of birth of the person listed on the vaccine report against their name and date of birth on a piece of identification.  Page 8 shows you exactly what you will need to look for in order to do this.
- There will be penalties for those who don't comply with these new regulations: for individuals - $750.00; for businesses fines will start at $1,000 - See page 10 of the attached document.
- The attached document (page 10) also recommends calling the police in the event of harassment or threats of violence. - let's all hope this doesn't happen.
I know this is a lot of information so again, please read through the attached document; and, as always, please email me if you have questions or need help.


I've had a number of emails since I sent out the Proof of Vaccine Regulations yesterday.  So in this message I will try to provide clarification and answers.
Businesses that must implement the proof of vaccine starting on Sept. 22:
The following is the list of all businesses that must implement the new regulation.  Businesses that do NOT have to implement the new regulation include: retailers, salons, grocery stores, drug stores.

1.  The indoor areas of restaurants, bars and other food or drink establishments where dance facilities are not provided, but not with respect to takeout and delivery service.

2.  The indoor and outdoor areas of food or drink establishments where dance facilities are provided, including nightclubs, restoclubs and other similar establishments, but not with respect to takeout and delivery service.

3.  The indoor areas of meeting and event spaces, including conference centres or convention centres, but not including places described in subsection 4 (2) of this Schedule.

4.  The indoor areas of facilities used for sports and recreational fitness activities, including waterparks and personal physical fitness trainers, including, for greater certainty, the indoor areas of facilities where spectators watch events, but not including places described in subsection 16 (4) of Schedule 2.

5.  The indoor areas of casinos, bingo halls and other gaming establishments.

6.  The indoor areas of concert venues, theatres and cinemas.

7.  The indoor areas of bathhouses, sex clubs and strip clubs.

8.  The indoor areas of horse racing tracks, car racing tracks and other similar venues.

9.  The indoor areas of places where commercial film and television production takes place, where there is a studio audience. For the purposes of this paragraph, a member of the studio audience is considered to be a patron of the production.

Ontario is still in Step 3 of reopening which means:
The Province is still in Step 3 of reopening which means that all of the current restrictions, regulations etc. remain in place.  The new Proof of Vaccine is just another layer added to Step 3.  This means:
For our restaurant members
- Capacity restrictions are still in place.  These will not be lifted next week.
- You must still continue to collect contact information from your patrons.
- Your staff who are working indoors MUST cover their mouth, nose and eyes (for this one it would be the use of visors or goggles)
For our live entertainment venues
- Your capacity restrictions are still in place.  These will not be lifted next week.
- You must still continue to collect contact information from your patrons
For our retailers and salons
- You will continue to maintain your current Step 3 restrictions
I hope this helps to clarify things but, as always, please email me if you need any further information.


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