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Covid Grant Info & Updates

Good Morning All,

I hope everyone has managed through this first week back to somewhat normal schedules and getting the kids back in school.
I have a couple of Covid related updates for you as follows:
1. If you were denied one of the Provincial support grants:

We've been advised that eligible businesses who contact the Ombudsman to make a complaint about not receiving the Small Business Support Grant and/or the Small Business Relief Grant from the provincial government might be successful in obtaining the funds owed to them despite applications being closed.

If you are a business who did not receive either of these grants, even though you thought you were eligible, please submit a complaint to the Ombudsman:

Alternatively you can call them at:


2. Quarantine Period, Rapid Test Kits & Vaccines

As you know, the Province has suspended the 5 day quarantine period for anyone with Covid.  The new guidelines are as follows:
  • People with any respiratory illness are asked to stay home until they haven't experienced fever for a 24 hour period and other symptoms have eased for the same amount of time.
  • After finishing this isolation period, individuals should wear a mask for 10 full days from the start of their symptoms and avoid contact with high-risk people and places.
Rapid Test Kits & Vaccines:
I would recommend that you all have a supply of rapid test kits for yourselves and your staff.  Our Shopper's Drug Mart at Danforth and Ellerbeck has a supply and they are still free.  Also, our Shopper's Drug Mart and City Pharmacy have vaccine supplies for anyone who needs to get their 3rd or 4th shot.  This is the regular vaccine.  The availability date for the new vaccine that targets the Omicron variant has yet to be released.  I will let you know when our pharmacies have it in stock.
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