Thursday, 22 September 2022 10:30

Police recommended safety tips + Cyber Security Sessions

Good Morning All,

Thank you to those members who were able to attend the on-line meeting this past Monday with officers from 55 Division.  One of the requests that came out of the meeting was for the police to provide some safety tips for businesses and their staff.  Many of you have staff that are either coming into work in the very early hours of the morning or leaving late at night; as well, we're heading into the Fall and Winter months when even if you're leaving at a regular time it's dark out.  PC Little has provided a full list of safety tips (see attached files) that I urge you to review and to please share with your staff members.

Cyber Security Sessions:

TABIA (Toronto Association of BIAs) has partnered with Mastercard Canada to present a free two-part series on Cybersecurity during Small Business month this year.

These two sessions will focus on Cybersecurity and how to improve online experience and security.  Mastercard experts will discuss how they are committed to helping small businesses mitigate the most common cyber risks, challenges and opportunities that small businesses face. Also, learn how to empower growth, efficiency and secure your business through Cyber & Intelligence solutions.

Webinar 1: Cybersecurity 101: How to protect your business in 2022 and beyond

Webinar 2: Selling Online: How to improve online experience and security 

Both sessions will be recorded and shared with registrants, so if you cannot attend live, I would still encourage you to register so you can receive a copy of the recording.




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