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Area Safety: Message from PC Little, 55 Division

Good Afternoon All,

Below is an email that PC Little has asked that I forward to each of you, our Broadview Danforth BIA members, regarding area safety and the importance of reporting incidents to the police. We are heading into that time of year when the clocks move back an hour (next Sunday) and it gets darker much earlier; and, the upcoming start to the holiday season. These are factors we know contribute to an increase in incidents so I urge you to read the email below and review and save the 2 attachments.

As always, if you have any questions etc. please email me and PC Little's email is listed below.


Hi Susan,

Members of your BIA have seen an increase in disorderly behaviour as well as with Person’s In Crisis along the West end of the Danforth and South and North on Broadview Avenue. It is important to know that when your members see this type of behaviour or related incidents, that they report them to the Toronto Police right away. The non-emergency number is 416-808-2222 and of course for a crime in progress, call 911. We need to be able to track where and when this behaviour and incidents of crime are happening. Members are asked to describe the observed disorderly behaviour, the person involved, the time it’s happening and the direction of travel if known. Mention if you have camera footage of individuals involved, but do not put yourself in harm's way to obtain that footage. Oftentimes there is a delay in reaching a call taker, but reporting incidents may be important for everyone’s safety, especially those most vulnerable. If incidents need to be reported hours later, please do so.

I’ve attached a few Personal Safety links as well as some Commercial Break and Enter links for BIA members to review. If anyone has any questions in regards to what to report or when to report, please either give me a call or send me an email.

Kind Regards, 

Jon Little
Police Constable #7323
Crime Prevention Officer
55 Division
Toronto Police Service
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