Friday, 12 May 2023 16:11

Friday, May 12 Construction Update

Good Morning BIA Members,

Here is my weekly construction update. I'm going to start at the east end of our BIA and work over to the west end.

1. Danforth: Hampton to Bowden

  • Sidewalk restoration is still ongoing following the Hydro work done in this section. Hopefully this will be completed within the next week.

2. Danforth: Playter to Ellerbeck

  • Following the watermain work done in this section the City is working on the sidewalk and road restoration both on the north and south sides.
  • A crack in the road has developed which means that it needs to be fixed before the section can be restored. There will be a City crew working on the crack tomorrow (Saturday). The plan is to get it fixed tomorrow and then restoration can restart next week.

3. Danforth: Ellerbeck to Broadview

  • The City is working on sidewalk restoration on both the north and south sides of Danforth. This restoration is being done after watermain work that was done before the pandemic. The plan is to have the south side completed by next week.

4. Broadview Danforth TTC work & sewer rehabilitation

  • We are at the end of week 1 of the sewer rehabilitation at the north west corner of Broadview and Danforth. The work went smoothly and all of the cleaning has been done.
  • Next week (week 2) the crews will start the same process at Broadview and Withrow
  • Week 3 - the week of May 22, this is the week that the crew will be installing the sewer liner. This will be the week when there will be water restrictions. NOTE: the city is waiting for the liner to be delivered. If it doesn't arrive in time for Week 3 then this component will have to be pushed to the following week (or whenever the delivery arrives).
  • UPDATE: There has been an update on the streetcar loop redesign at Broadview station. It's been decided that the expansion of the streetcar loop will be deferred for the next several years. This means that the Green P lot next to the station will not be reduced at this time. The plan for this section does still include upgrading the tracks and some other necessary work. TTC is working on the new plan and I should know next week what the impacts will be to this section of Broadview and Danforth. It may still require the 30 day closure or it may mean a shorter closure time frame. Work in this section was scheduled to start on June 18th. This start date may have to be pushed to the end of June or beginning of July. Again, once I know I will let all of you know.
  • All of the other work on Broadview remains the same and is scheduled to start on July 4th. For the businesses on Broadview south of Danforth I'm working with the City on your delivery requirements - updates to come.

As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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