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Friday, May 26/23 Construction, CafeTO & Taste Updates

Good Afternoon BIA Members,

Another week and here are the updates starting with construction....
Danforth (north & south sides) Playter to Ellerbeck:
- Restoration work is almost complete and I have to say the City has done a nice job in this section.  Much better than they've done in other sections.  We need to get the bike lane bumpers fixed and a few other minor things.
Broadview/Danforth Street Car Tracks & Sewer Renewals:
The sewers renewal on Broadview south of Danforth
- the full cleaning and removal of the lateral protuberances has been completed 
- the liners have been delivered and installing the liners will begin this coming Monday, May 29 and will happen Monday through Thursday of next week from 8pm to 6am.
- for businesses and residents in this section your water won't be turned off but you will be asked not to flush your toilets, or run water down your sink/shower drains.  Notices with complete instructions should be delivered to each of you today (Friday).
- this renewal work for the length of Broadview from Danforth to Gerrard should be complete by June 7.
- for our businesses on Broadview north of Danforth to Pretoria - this exact same sewer renewal work will begin in your section in and around November 17/23.
Street Car Track Replacement
- TTC will be doing overhead wire work starting in 2 weeks - this will be done during the overnights and some daytimes and shouldn't affect traffic lanes.
- the new tracks will be delivered overnight on June11/12th.  These tracks will be stored in the middle lane of Broadview between Gerrard and Victor Avenues.  In this area traffic will be reduced to one lane north and one lane south until the full project begins on July 4th.
-  We are still on schedule to start the full scope of work on July 4th.
- We are still working on delivery and parking plans for all businesses located in this section.
Broadview Station & Surrounding Area Track Renewal
- Once again this week the TTC didn't have a confirmed plan with work dates and work duration.  To say the least I wasn't pleased.  We will see if they can pull a plan and schedule together for next Friday.
- Again no progress from the City on confirmed street plans and installation date.
- We have been working on this program for 5 months now and it is beyond frustrating that this is where we are at on Friday, May 26.  Our Board Chair, Albert Stortchak, has sent a firm/stern email to the City on this matter.  I'm hoping that we have some progress sometime next week.
- Thank you to those of you who filled out the Greektown BIA's Taste survey - results are attached.
- This week I have sent Greektown the list of our BIA members and they will begin putting together the registration packages for delivery to you.  I will let you know when these packages are being delivered and if for some reason you don't get one you can just let me know.
And that's it for this week.  Hope you all have a good weekend.
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