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Update: Friday, June 23/23 Construction, CafeTO, Taste, CEBA

Good Afternoon Broadview Danforth BIA Members,

Another week and another update on things you need to know.
1. Broadview Danforth Construction:
- We are a week and a bit from July 4th and the start of the full construction on Broadview from Danforth to Gerrard.
- This week all TTC service on Broadview stopped and will remain stopped until November,  Rerouting of TTC service is in effect and there has been a lot of promotion letting people know how to manage this new scenario.  Thank you so much to the members who took the rerouting file that I shared in last Friday's update and posted it to your social media.  Your help in getting the information out to your customers & clients etc. is really appreciated.
- There is a bit of an update on the lane restrictions on Broadview that will start on July 4th as follows: there will still be the one lane northbound from Gerrard to Danforth but from July 4th to the start of August we will have local access only on the southbound lane from Danforth to Montcrest. This will allow for the businesses in this section to still have their deliveries, drop-offs etc.
- Signage for these lane changes will go up on either July 2nd or July 3rd.  Councillor Fletcher has a Canada Day celebration planned for a section of Riverdale Park near Broadview and Langley I believe so we will keep full lane access for this on Saturday, July 1st and then get the signage up right afterward.
- Attached is a full information deck on ALL of the construction that will be happening in the area.  This includes not just our immediate BIA area but down to Queen running east to Pape.  There are scheduled road closures and rerouting happening throughout the area starting now through to November - it's our construction plus Ontario Line prep work.  The totality of these projects will affect how people will manage getting around.  I really urge you all to take the time to review the attached file.
2. CafeTO:
- Well we're making some progress on this - good grief it's been like pushing a very large, heavy boulder up a mountain.   You will notice that we finally have been able to let our participating restaurants set up their curb lane patios.  We have also got one of our parkettes temporarily set-up on the south curb lane between Bowden and Hampton.  The parkette on the north side of Danforth in front of Cobs isn't quite ready to activate yet.  For the restaurants and the parkettes the set-ups are temporary - we still need to get the decks and fencing installed per the new city rules.  For now our BD Beats bands are performing on Friday nights and as of tonight the band will be located in the parkette on the south curb lane; and, our Sunday afternoon  bands will be playing in the Carrot Common courtyard.  Hopefully we can get our Thursday night bands activated in the parkette on the north curb lane soon.
3. Taste:
- I'm hoping that if you wanted to register tor Taste you were able to get your forms and payment into the Greektown BIA by the deadline last Friday.  As a reminder, the Greektown BIA will be charging a fee of $50 per day for late submissions.
- We are now working on some logistical problems that are arising as a result of the bike lanes, CafeTO set-ups and certain businesses that wish to activate during Taste.  We are doing our best to sort all of this out.
4. CEBA Loan Repayment Advocacy:
- The Feds recess for summer break today and return on the 3rd week of September.  In discussion this week with TABIA (Toronto Association of BIAs) we've decided that the best course of action is to hit the Feds hard when they return in September.  It is at this time that they will be working on their Fall financial statements and will be looking at funding allocations and possible repayment revisions.  
Okay that's it for today.  Hope you all have a good weekend.
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