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Friday, 04 May 2012 16:25

A Small Portion of the Danforth

Having spent my Saturday morning shopping for a wedding dress, my dear friend Jessica and I were famished by the lunch hour. We needed to recharge our batteries and prepare for the rest of the day. Not having been on the Danforth for quite some time, we thought we might drop into Allen’s, a lovely and comfortable little Irish restaurant, just west of Broadview station.

The menus we received were quite extensive, but I knew what I was having even before I arrived, so I ordered up my earl grey and eggs benedict with salad (foregoing the hash browns.) Big mistake on my part! Not the eggs benny, but my refusal to indulge in one of their eight different kinds of potatoes that they masterfully prepare. What was I thinking? As soon as Jess’s plate of sausage (infused with fennel) and sweet potato hash was placed before her, I knew that I needed them. So, I ordered them and they
were delicious, complimenting the benny in every way.

Satiated, we paid the modest bill and left Allen’s, heading west. Since we were in the hood, we decided to go visit our friend Benjamin, the co-owner of The Meat Department. Funky music, retro signage and a considerable Star Wars collection make this butcher shop the coolest in existence (in my humble opinion.) Oh, and they have an extensive array of prime cuts, sausages, prepared meals, and interesting condiments and sauces. It’s always a great place to go, even if just to go say “Hi” to Ben and the guys. Unfortunately for us, he was way too busy to chat, so we went on our way.

What a great day spent on a small portion of the Danforth. I had found my dress, had a great lunch with a wonderful person and now had the rest of the day to spend with my family.

The next trip to the Danforth will be for the Danforth Blooms event held at The Carrot Common outdoor courtyard, where I’ll be helping give out hyacinth bulbs to local residents. There are too many great things going on in that neighborhood. I should think about moving there.