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Fall 2012 Newsletter
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Joya - the world's softest shoe

Joya moves you

The young Swiss shoe developer Karl Mueller Jr., whose father, Karl Mueller Sr., invented the MBT and sold the company in 2006, has created a new revolutionary shoe called Joya, representing a new category of comfort footwear. Joya shoes make walking joyful, fun and effortless, they move you -- both physically and emotionally. 


Experience effortless walking

 Joya uses futuristic internationally patented Sole Technology that delivers a sensation while walking that has really never before been encountered. You are given the emotional experience of walking effortlessly on a concrete planet. It's not about sculpting and toning a chiseled physique. It's not about being the "cure-all" shoe for orthopedic pain. It's simply about making walking a joyful and effortless experience.






Joya - the world's softest shoe
Joya - the world's softest shoe

Berries Boots by Aetrex- Great Fall Wet Werather Boots
Berries Boots by Aetrex- Great Fall Wet Weather Boots
La Banda available at Foot Sensation!
La Banda available at Foot Sensation!

We Believe in people
We Believe in people

With shoes it's the look that will catch your attention, while inner beauty will capture your heart. Comfort technology built into Ziera shoes ensures they feel as good as they look. A family owned New Zealand company, Ziera has been making truly, gorgeously comfortable shoes since 1946. Designed with style, premium quality, fit and all-day comfort in mind, Ziera shoes let you love every step.





Go see the FALL COLOURS!
You will need good footwear to enjoy the Colours!

REVIEW on Renegade GTX MId:

"One of the purest examples of unapologetic performance currently on the market. Powered by construction methods than turn quality components into an integrated system, the LOWA RENEGADE steps it up. This LOWA model responds to terrain while generating uphill power and downhill traction. Lacing, like on other models, is a strength, as is adequate comfort to ensure all-week (not simply all-day) wear-ability. A tongue-in-check warning to the gear fanatics out there: This is a case where the buyer gets that for which they pay. Be ready to spend and smile with the RENEGADE." - Active Junky, May 2012


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