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January Specials To Help You Get Started At Felinity!

January Specials To Help You Get Started At Felinity!
For the month of January if you sign up as a:
  • Lite Member you'll get your first month FREE!
  • Full Member you'll get $40 off your first month's payment!
Registration is happening now for Felinity's Winter Program Menu!


Felinity's heating up this winter season with our Winter Program Menu! We've scheduled all of our programs from January 1st to March 31st ( and you can start pre-registering now!
By changing our drop in classes to pre-registered programs, we're not only able to bring you semi-private classes at great rates, but we're also able to provide you with a sexier selection of programs that can focus on results and goals. Yay!!!
Felinity Winter Program Menu
January - March 2013

Yoga / Suzanne:

  • Mon Jan 14th-Feb 4th at 7pm (Pre-reg 4 week Session) $45(+HST) Non members/$40 Members
  • Thurs Jan 31st-March 7th at 10:15am (Pre-reg 6 week Session) $70(+HST) Non members/$65 Members
Pilates / Shayna:
  • Mon Feb 18th-March 25th at 7pm (Pre-reg 6 week Session) $70(+HST) Non members/$65 Members
Zumba / Lisa:
  • Sat Jan 26th-Feb 16th at 10:15am (Pre-reg 4 week Session) $45(+HST) Non members/$40 Members
Caribbean Dance Cardio / Felicia:
  • Tues Feb 26th-March 19th at 6:30pm (Pre-reg 4 week Session) $45(+HST) Non members/$40 Members
Body Works / Joanne:
  • Wed Jan 9th-March 13th at 6:10pm (Pre-reg 10 week Session) $110(+HST) Non members/$105 Members
Cardio Power Hour:
  • Sat Jan 5th-19th & Feb 23rd-March 30th at 10:15am            (This program is included in both Full and Lite memberships. Non-members can purchase a day pass at a reduced rate of $18(+HST) if they wish to participate.)
Felinity's January Pole Session
Registration is now available!
If you're interested in exercising your CORE FEMININE MOVEMENT, STRENGTHENING AND TONING YOUR BODY, & USING THE POLE AS AN ALTERNATIVE MEANS OF FITNESS, then give us a call to book your space in a class!
*Register before January 25th to get our early bird rates
Schedule (These sessions last 8 weeks!)

  • Felinity Just The Mat - Wed 7:00pm (starts Jan 30th)
  • Felinity Level 1 - Wed 7:00pm (starts Jan 30th)
  • Felinity Level 2/3 - Tues 7:30pm (starts Jan 29th)
  • Felinity Aerial - Thurs 6:30pm (starts Jan 31st)
  • Felinity Level 5/6 Advanced- Thurs 7:45pm (starts Jan 31st)

Please call or email us to reserve your space


Alyson Joy





Felinity Winter Hours of Operation

Mondays & Wednesdays:

9:30am-12:30pm & 4-9pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays:



9:30am-12:30pm & 3-7pm

Saturdays: 9:30am-3:00pm

Sundays: CLOSED

Call/email reception to Pre-register:     



Want to try a class before registering? Join us for ourFelinity Pole Teaser (Intro Class)

For just $15, come join us on Friday, January 18th at7pm for our Felinity Pole Teaser to see what our Felinity Pole and 'Just the Mat' programs are all about.... and try something new!


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