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NEW! Botox & Injectable Fillers

BotoxIt is important to understand the difference between Botox, a muscle relaxer, and Juvederm, Restylane, Collagen, etc. which are fillers. The easiest way to visualize the difference is to think of a crease as a valley between two mountains. Botox prevents the mountains from being pushed together, and fillers fill in the valley.

Injectable Wrinkle Fillers:
he differences between fillers has to do with thickness and longevity. In general, the thicker the filler, the better it will fill creases, but the greater the chance of possible bumps. Bumps are more likely in thinner skin such as the lower eyelids, and crows feet. Fillers can also be used to improve or enhance facial structures.

Botox vs. Fillers
As we get older, our creases also age. They become deeper and deeper, even when we are not frowning, squinting, or using facial muscles. If creases are only apparent when we squint, only Botox is needed. If creases are visible at rest, and not made worse by squinting, then fillers are necessary. If creases are present at rest, and get worse with facial expressions, then Botox AND fillers will be necessary.

Welcome Sophie Pavlou, Queen of Beauty and Anti-Aging!

Sophie PavlouMatriarch of long time Danforth recognized family owners of Foodland and now trendy 417 restaurant, we warmly and eagerly welcome Sophie Pavlou to our Lil Dijon house on the Danforth family. Sophie, 3 time cancer survivor, proud grandmother and mother of 2 beautiful women, has recently joined forces with Rayne Spa.

Registered nurse, Canadian/International American Aesthetics Board and the Elite, Sophie has pioneered the first new skin rejuvenating process for body contouring, weight loss and stretch mark removal. She also has been a long time administer of botox and filler treatments promoting self esteem, youth and vitality to the Toronto population. Sophie has such high integrity and morals that she is very selective with eligible patients for any of her treatments. Her passion is obvious and doing her treatments ethically and by the rule book makes her one of the best in her field.

We are honored to have made this new relationship with Sophie.

1 Free IPL Treatment

When you refer a guest for any of our MED Spa Services:

  • Permanent Hair Removal
  • Sun Spots, Age Spots
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Photofacials
  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • Boost Collagen Production
  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Stretch Mark Removal
  • Skin Tightening
  • Body Contouring
  • Cellulite Removal

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