Sunday, 31 March 2013 20:00

Felinity's Spring Session Starts This Week!

Felinity April Pole Session Starts This Week!
If you're interested in exercising your core feminine movement, strengthening and toning your body & using the pole as an alternative means of fitness, then give us a call to book your space in a class!

Schedule (These sessions last 8 weeks!)

  • Felinity Just The Mat - Tues 7:30pm (starts April 2nd)
  • Felinity Level 1 - Tues 7:30pm (starts April 2nd)
  • Felinity Level 2/3 - Wed 7:00pm (starts April 3rd)
  • Felinity Aerial - Thurs 7:45pm (starts April 4th)
  • Felinity Level 5/6 Advanced - Thurs 6:30pm (starts April 4th)

Kettle Bells with JO - Starts Wednesday!
Get ready to engage the entire body at once while building strength and endurance! Unlike traditional dumbbell or barbell strength training, kettle bells mimic real world activities such as shovelling or lifting groceries, and because of their continuous repetitions, this exercise embodies an aerobic flare for all levels.

  • Wed April 3rd- June 5th at 6:10pm (Pre-registered 10 week Session) $120(+HST) Non-members/$110(+HST) Members

Zumba with Lisa - Starts Saturday!
Join the party and ditch the workout! Enjoy burning calories as you dance up a storm!

  • Saturday April 6th - May 4th (No class on April 13th) at 10:15 am (Pre-registered 4 week Session)
  • $55(+HST) Non members/$50(+HST) Members

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