Friday, 06 October 2017 13:26

Faces of the Danforth: Jeanne at Snug Danforth

This is Jeanne of @snugdanforth.

She took over ownership in 1991. This store has been part of the community for 30 years. She started out by helping her friend who was the original owner of Snug, and eventually took over when her friend was about to close it during a recession. Her approach was that there was only one way to go, and that was up! And sure enough, here she is today with a thriving business of children's clothing and accessories (and mommas too). What Jeanne loves the most about the Danforth is all her relationships she's built over the years. Whether it be her customers or her suppliers, she loves all the stories she's shared with all of them. She's witnessed their children grow up, and in turn have children of their own. Having children herself, she has shared many wonderful moments and memories with the people of this community and continues to do so. She says she could write a book with all the stories that have passed through this store. She is proud to support the many Canadian suppliers that she carries, and has strong relationships with them as well.

Snug 348 Danforth Ave. | 416-463-6133 | Website

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