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Faces of the Danforth: Nima @ Pealac Rug

Meet Nima of Pealac Rug on Broadview, just north of the Danforth. He's owned the business for 16 years, having opened in 2001. As he says he landed here in Canada and immediately became integrated into the community.

Nima was born into the industry of rugs. After completing university he continued his parents business of selling rugs. His selection ranges from traditional to more tribal ones, from Persian & Afghan to Kilim & Gabbeh. All imported from Iran, from some of the major textile cities such as Tabriz & Isfahan. He also carries a number of pillows made from the same weavings as his rugs.

He is proud to have been a guest speaker for a number of associations & organizations like the Rotary Club - business management as well as public tv channels such as City TV's morning show. Even OCADU invites him to do talks. Including having appeared in articles of some magazines. Which all speaks for his wealth of knowledge about the history & culture behind these rugs.

What Nima loves most about this area of the Danforth is the sense of family ties he has with all that live and work in this community. He runs his business here and also lives here.

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