Monday, 20 November 2017 00:00

Faces & Places of the Danforth: Chris Molder of Tridac Mortgages

Meet Chris Molder of Tridac Mortgage. He joined his father’s mortgage broker business in August 2007, who established the business 40 years ago. It was founded in August 1977 and just celebrated its 40th anniversary this year.

His father is still impressively involved with the business at 80 years of age and recalls a time when the mortgage industry was still very much in its infancy, likening it to the Wild West. He immigrated to Canada after having left Germany following WWII & travelling the world. He got involved in the mortgage business with a number of his German friends in a time when banks were not readily offering mortgages to everyone. Chris’ mother is also involved as she manages the book keeping for their business. So it is very much a family owned & run business.

Chris joined at a time when his father’s business had by then entered into what is known as its third incarnation. And all the while remaining at its current location for all those 40 years. His father allowed him to take the reigns and mold it into the business it has become today.

What Chris loves the most about this area is that it is very much a second home for him. Having grown up in Scarborough and visiting his father here at work over the years, he has witnessed how the community has grown and changed over time. He has since moved into this neighbourhood. What appeals to him is how this is still an urban area but has a small town feel. The large old trees that line the streets and the rich history of this community are all part of its many charms.

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