Saturday, 30 January 2010 12:35

Forum Opportunity - Ian Portsmouth

FedEx Express CanadaFedEx Express Canada is offering a unique opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs to gain insights from one of Canada’s leading business authorities.  Ian Portsmouth, editor of PROFIT Magazine, will be hosting a series of chat forums on the FedEx Express Canada Small Business page on Facebook providing guests the chance to ask specific questions about their business endeavours.



  • Jan 18-22 -  How do Canada's small-business owners plan to proceed this year, given the enduring effects of the recession and the still-shaky economy? Where are the bright spots? What are their fears? What risks are they willing to take?
  • Feb 1-5 - Finding Good People. Finding and retaining employees remains the biggest long-term challenge for Canadian small businesses. How are bosses attracting good people? How are they eliminating weak performers? Are they taking advantage of high unemployment to boost their ranks?
  • Feb 15-19 - The Leader of the Future. What skills and aptitudes do business owners need to be successful? Are these traits different in kind or degree from the traits of successful leaders a generation ago? Are good business owners born or bred?

How to Participate: Simply become a “fan” of the page to gain access to post your question on the page.  Ian Portsmouth will be checking the page throughout the week the topic is live to provide answers.

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