Friday, 30 April 2021 09:56

Chester Subway Station Renovation Now Complete!

The construction of the secondary exit/entrance for Chester Station is now complete! We would like to thank our neighbours for their patience during construction.

The building is open and available for customer use as of April 23, 2021. The second exit/entrance building is located across from the main entrance and features two PRESTO-enabled fare gates.

The TTC Second Exit/Entrance Program was developed to enhance customer safety and convenience. The location of the secondary exit/entrance for Chester Station was selected through a Local Working Group (LWG) process where local representatives proposed, assessed and selected potential locations using an evaluation framework developed by a panel of third party experts. Chester Station was the first station to undergo this process. The TTC would like to thank the members of the LWG for their participation in the early stages of the design work.

The third party utility boxes located outside the secondary exit/entrance will be wrapped once approval is granted.

Easier Access
Chester Station became the TTC’s 48th accessible subway station on September 2, 2020. Two new elevators connecting the street to the subway platform levels are open for customer use from the main station entrance.

Public Art
As a part of this station upgrade work, a public art component has been integrated into Chester Station. Florae by Katharine Harvey portrays native plants and flowers found in the neighbourhoods and ravines surrounding Chester Station. Depicted are milkweed, verbena, trout lily, and blue flag iris colliding together in double-exposed photographic overlays. The art pieces have been installed adjacent to the new elevators and above the main entrance doors. Make sure to snap a photo and share it using #TTCpic

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