BD Beats 2024

Broadview Danforth Beats 2024


Rudy Ray

Raha Javanfar Band

Ori Dagan

Fat Quarter Band

Joanne Powell

Linda Carone

Suzi & Doug

Fraser Melvin Band

Tim Bovaconti Band

Graham Nicholas Band

Toronto Jazz Collective

Alex McCulloch Band

Chloe Watkinson Quartet

All Angels Jazz Band

Quality Building Supplies

Hammond Morgan

Adam Beer Colacino

Roast Chicken Ramblers

Kyle Sullivan

Alan Zamaitis Trio

Fergus Hambleton

Jessica Stuart Trio

The Del Fi's

Ricky Toledo Band


We are incredibly grateful for our new and returning sponsors that help make BD Beats come true

Accessibility Sponsor Choice Properties

Teuta Guci Real Estate

Carrot Common Shops, Grocery, & Health Professionals


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 Date 337 Danforth Ave Parkette
6pm - 9pm
156 Danforth Parkette
6pm - 9pm
348 Danforth Carrot Common Courtyard
1pm - 4pm
Thu Jun 6 Rudy Ray Fraser Melvin Band  
Fri Jun 7 Raha Javanfar Band Tim Bovaconti Band   
Sun Jun 9      Graham Nicholas Band
Thu Jun 13 Ori Dagan All Angels Jazz Band   
Fri Jun 14 Rudy Ray Quality Building Supplies   
Sun Jun 16      Hammond Morgan 
Thu Jun 20 Rudy Ray Ricky Toledo Band  
Fri Jun 21 Ori Dagan Fergus Hambleton  
Sun Jun 23       Roast Chicken Ramblers
Thu Jun 27 Fat Quarter Band Jessica Stuart Trio  
Fri Jun 28 Rudy Ray The Del Fi's  
Sun Jun 30       Alan Zamaitis Trio
Thu Jul 4 Rudy Ray  Toronto Jazz Collective  
Fri Jul 5 Chloe Watkinson Quartet  Alex McCulloch Band  
Sun Jul 7       Alan Zamaitis Trio
Thu Jul 11 Ori Dagan  All Angels Jazz Band  
Fri Jul 12 Rudy Ray  Tim Bovaconti Band  
Sun Jul 14       Alan Zamaitis Trio
Thu Jul 18 Rudy Ray  Fraser Melvin Band  
Fri Jul 19 Ori Dagan  Roast Chicken Ramblers  
Sun Jul 21       
Thu Jul 25 Joanne Powell    
Fri Jul 26 Rudy Ray    
Sun Jul 28       
Thu Aug 1 Ori Dagan    
Fri Aug 2 Linda Carone    
Sun Aug 4       
Thu Aug 8 Rudy Ray     
Fri Aug 9 Ori Dagan     
Sun Aug 11       
Thu Aug 15 Raha Javanfar Band     
Fri Aug 16 Rudy Ray     
Sun Aug 18       
Thu Aug 22 Rudy Ray     
Fri Aug 23 Fat Quarter Band     
Sun Aug 25       
Thu Aug 29 Suzi & Doug     
Fri Aug 30 Rudy Ray     
Sun Sep 1      
Thursday, 08 December 2022 00:00

Albert Stortchak: A Community Builder and Lifetime Achiever

The Toronto Association of BIAs (TABIA) recently honoured community builders at their annual awards dinner, and among the honorees was Albert Stortchak, the Chair of the Broadview Danforth BIA. Stortchak received the Michael Comstock Community Builder Lifetime Achievement Award, a well-deserved tribute to his contributions to the community.

Stortchak's dedication to the Broadview Danforth BIA and its members spans over 26 years, during which he has served as a Board member for 26 years and as Board Chair for the past 8 years. His passion and commitment to the neighborhood are evident in his work, and he is known as the unofficial "mayor with the mustache" of the area.

In nominating Stortchak for the award, the Broadview Danforth BIA highlighted his qualities of compassion, dedication, hard work, and endless passion for his community. Stortchak has followed in the footsteps of the award's namesake, embodying the traits that made Michael Comstock a beloved community builder.

Stortchak's contributions to the BIA and the community are numerous and impactful. He has been an invaluable resource for members of the community, providing guidance and support for businesses and individuals. During challenging times, such as the Danforth shooting in 2018 and the pandemic in recent years, Stortchak's leadership and compassion have shone brightly.

Stortchak's dedication to the community has been recognized by many, including BIA Board Treasurer Philip Kocev and Councillor Paula Fletcher. Kocev has worked with Stortchak for over six years and highlights his inclusive and collaborative approach to representing the interests of all members. Fletcher, who has worked with Stortchak for several years, commends his deep roots in the Broadview-Danforth community and his commitment to fellow business owners.

Stortchak's achievements as Board Chair include guiding the successful Thrill of The Grill event for 10 years, helping business and community members adapt to changes like bike lanes and curb lane patios, and supporting new lighting and landscaping projects in the area. He has also embraced new technologies, like email, text messaging, and social media, to help him in his work for the BIA.

The Michael Comstock Community Builder Lifetime Achievement Award is a fitting tribute to Albert Stortchak's decades of hard work, dedication, and community-building in the Broadview Danforth area. Congratulations to Albert, and thank you for all you do to make our community a better place.

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