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A Sizzling Sales Opportunity for Danforth Merchants

Approximately 2,000 customers will attend the Danforth Experience 5th Annual Thrill of the Grill on Saturday, July 19th.

There are two things Danforth retailers need to know about Thrill of the Grill:

  1. It brings a lot of people to the Danforth who don’t typically shop, dine or use services here.
  2. The event lasts four hours once a year.

We need to encourage these potential customers to stay longer and … come back again and again!

The Danforth BIA wants to work with you to move these potential customers from the heat of the grill to the ring of your cash register.

  • Consider putting up a Thrill of the Grill poster and showcase some of your merchandise in a summer or BBQ window decoration theme.
  • The BIA has taken out a Sidewalk Sale permit on your behalf. What a great opportunity to get sale items you want to push out there for passersby to see and purchase.
  • Connect with your audience. Thrill’s popular DJs, Shaw Media’s own Chris Jackson and Bill Mackenzie, are back. This year they are doing free shout outs for participating Danforth BIA merchants including name recognition and special promotions.
  • Distribute your own special literature at the event.
  • Bars and restaurants should consider post-event specials such as an after 4:00pm Happy Hour or other promotions.
  • For the first time Thrill will have a draw of two $250 Danforth Dollars gift certificates exclusively for customers who spend more than $10 at all Danforth merchants on July 19th between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Think of the marketing opportunities! Research shows that:

  • 55 per cent of gift card/certificate holders make more than one shopping trip to spend the value of the card/certificate.
  • Over 60 per cent of card/certificate holders spend at least 20 per cent more than the value.
  • Two-in-three holders spend up to 75 per cent more than the value of the card/certificate.

The Danforth BIA benefits from the more than $250,000 Thrill of the Grill attracts in free advertising from event sponsors. This event promotes the Danforth and is an excellent opportunity to highlight your location.

Please engage your customers and encourage them and their friends to join the fun and spend even more on the Danforth.

You will receive a visit from Membership soon with posters and answers to your questions.

Let’s work together to make Thrill of the Grill and the Danforth Experience sizzle like never before.

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