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Thrill of the Grill Merchants Draw Q&A

On Saturday July 19th, your customers will have a chance to win one of five prizes of $100 in Danforth Dollars courtesy of Thrill of the Grill.

Research shows that gift cards and certificates encourage multiple shopping visits with most card and certificate holders spending significantly more than the face value.

Danforth Dollars have been a successful customer draw since the Danforth Business Improvement Area first introduced them at the 2011 holiday event.

Here’s what you need to know:

Q1.            How do my customers qualify to win Danforth Dollars?

A1.            Your customer will receive one draw ticket and a chance to win one of five prizes of $100 Danforth Dollars for every $10 spent at your location on Saturday July 19, 2014, between noon and 4 pm. For example, if a customer spends $100 at your store, they are eligible for 10 draw tickets.

Q2.            What do I have to do?

A2.            It’s easy! No time consuming coupons to fill out and no ballots to keep track of. Just let your customers know about the Danforth Dollars promotion and encourage them to take their valid receipt to one of two booths set up on Ellerbeck Street and Jackman Avenue to claim their draw tickets anytime between noon and 3:45pm. We will do the rest.

Q3.            Do customers have to buy tickets to Thrill of the Grill to qualify?

A3.            No! This promotion is open to all Danforth BIA customers who spend $10 or more at your location. The draw for Danforth Dollars prizes will take place at the same time of the Thrill of the Grill draw.

Q4.            Do customers have to be present for the draw to win?

A4.            Winners will be informed by telephone or e-mail after the event. 

Q5.            How long does a customer have to present a valid receipt and qualify for draw tickets?

A5.            Customers will have up to 3:45pm to claim their draw tickets.

Q6.            Where can Danforth Dollars be redeemed?

A6.            Danforth Dollars can be spent at any business in the Danforth BIA. The BIA will refund the merchant the full value of Danforth Dollars.

Please take the time this week to talk to your customers and promote Thrill of the Grill and the draw for one of five prizes of $100 Danforth Dollars.

And while you are at it, encourage them to spend their Danforth Dollars at your store if they win.

Thank you and good luck to you and your customers.

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