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1st Friday of 2018 Things 'n Stuff

1. Weekly Specials
For those of you who follow us on social media (I hope it's a lot of you!) you know that we try and do a daily promotion of things happening in our BIA. We'd love to hear from you if you have the following:
- A special offer that happens on the same day of the week each week - perhaps every Tuesday is your 2 for 1 appetizer day; or every Weds. is tax free day; or every Monday is a jump-in class etc. If you let us know if you do something on a given day of the week we will include it in our posts on that day each week.

2. Post holiday sales - please let us know if you have any special sales happening - again we will post the information for you.

3. BIA Week at City Hall
We will be participating in BIA Week at City Hall from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. TABIA has organized this week in order to highlight and promote the work that BIAs do within the various neighbourhoods of the city. There are some City Councilors who don't have BIAs in their areas so are not familiar with how much BIAs do for Toronto. TABIA is hoping that this week will educate those Councilors who are not familiar with the extent of our work. This education is important when we are trying to get City Council to vote on items that affect our BIAs. It will provide those Councilors with a better understanding. On Weds. Jan. 31 of this BIA Week a luncheon will be hosted at City Hall for all of the Councilors and their staff. There is a request to BIA restaurants and food businesses to see if any of you might be interested in donating something to this luncheon. We would need you to donate 2 dozen of whatever item you would like and your item will be promoted with your business name and our Danforth BIA affiliation. If you are interested in participating in this luncheon and making a donation please email me by end of business this coming Tuesday, January 9th. For those who do make a donation we will organize getting the food down to City Hall on the 31st.

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