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Water Main Update & Memorial Decommissioning

Good Morning All,

I have 2 items for you in this post as follows:

1. The Temporary Memorial:

The City has a policy for temporary memorials that are created after a crisis - the memorials may stay up for 30 days (give or take).  The memorial for the Danforth shooting victims will be removed from the Logan Green Field tomorrow - Thursday, August 23, at 11am.  Anyone wishing to attend may do so.

2. Water Main Break Update & Information for all BIA Members:  

As you all know we had a substantial water main break this past Sunday which resulted in flooding in some of our businesses and a power outage that spanned from Ellerbeck to Jackman.  We've been working with Councillor Mary Fragedakis and the city to see what can be done to properly fix this problem and what recourse the affected businesses have in terms of compensation for damages.

Residents or business who experienced flooding due to a water main break can go to this link and:  file a claim against the City for damages from the flooding.

Councillor Fragedakis has reached out to Toronto Water Staff with respect to this Sunday's water main break and they have advised that:

Staff confirmed that the water main break at 230 Danforth on Sunday was repaired and water service was restored by 7:00 p.m. This wate rmain has experienced two breaks, one on September 17, 2017 and this recent one. As these breaks are relatively new, the water main would not have qualified for rehabilitation/replacement in the past. Staff will be reviewing again to determine if it qualifies for replacement/renewal, and will investigate putting it on the capital program pending available funds and coordination with other construction works.

Given the crazy weather that we seem to be having these days I would recommend that all businesses keep the above link for submitting a damage claim to the City.  I will also keep it on file so we always have it.  We will continue to work with Councillor Fragedakis and the city on the status of this particular water main.
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