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Riverdale Share Sponsorship Reminder + Remembrance Day

Hi All,
Just a reminder that if you're interested in supporting the Riverdale Share Concert this year you need to submit your donor information as soon as possible.  Here's a quick and easy link to make your contribution:

Otherwise the donor package is attached again to this email.
Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day this Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1.  At sunset this Sunday bells will ring at Parliament Hill, City Halls, places of worship, military bases, naval vessels and at ceremonies across the country.  The ringing of bells emulates the moment in 1918 when churches across Europe rang their bells to mark the end of the war.  Our area church, St. Barnabas (Danforth & Hampton) will be ringing their church bells 100 times starting at 4:45pm.  The organizers are asking that you let your customers know what is happening and for those who wish, to observe a moment of silence.  I'm sure the sound of these bells will resonate throughout our entire area and provide a very moving observance of this 100th anniversary.

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