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December Things 'n Stuff

Happy December All,
Where on earth did this year go????  Here is a list of updates and information for the start of this month:
1. New Name & Logo Voting:
Thank you to everyone who took a moment to participate in the voting process for the new name and logo for our BIA.  We had 2 logo options and a 3rd option which was for neither of the options.  Here's the results:
Option 1 (bridge with train): 32 votes
Option 2 (stylized bridge): 18 votes
Option 3 (neither): 6 votes
The next step will be to send this information to the City and request City Council's approval to change our Danforth BIA name to Broadview Danforth BIA.  This will take place in the new year.
2. Holiday Social Media Posts:
Again thanks to everyone who has reached out to Eszter and myself with your holiday specials and participated in the holiday videos.  We're still able to do more so if you'd like to participate please just send me a quick email.
3. The Sounds of the Season:
On Saturday, December 15 and Saturday, December 22 we will have strolling carolers in our BIA from noon to 3pm.  There will be a quartet handling Danforth from Broadview to Hampton and a trio covering our BIA section on Broadview.
4. Auld Spot Celebrating 20 Years on the Danforth!
Congratulations to our BIA member The Auld Spot Pub.  They're celebrating their 20th Anniversary this evening (Monday, Dec. 3).  
5. On the not so nice Holiday list:
Unfortunately this time of year there are some people who try to pull off scams or shop lift.  You will recall that last year we had a gentleman who was trying to return items that he had shoplifted claiming that he had bought them for his daughter but she had died.  Apparently he is doing the same thing again this year - at the moment further east on the Danforth.  Not sure that he'll come our way again this year but just as a general reminder this is the time of year when some people do not behave nicely.
Have a great first week of December!


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