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PM Update Tuesday, April 21/20

Good Afternoon All,

Please note that I have included our MP Julie Dabrusin and our MPP Peter Tabuns in the top send line of this email.
The Prime Minister has just completed his daily briefing and the following are points that were covered:
1.  Since his announcement last week about Emergency Help For Commercial Rent - to help with April, May and June rent payments there has been NO further information.  We know that this requires collaboration with the Provinces and that it was apparently discussed in their group call last Thursday night but..... there's been nothing at all mentioned since.
2. Today the PM announced another Emergency Wage Fund for businesses and their employees.  This one will provide money up to $847 per employee per week.  The PM announced that as of today there is a calculator on the CRA site where employers can go and find out how much money would be available to them for each employee.  Although the calculator is up and running today, applications for this fund won't be open until next Monday, April 27.  When pressed by the media to say how quickly money would be available once an application is submitted the PM said that they're working on that and would try to make it as quick as possible.
My questions today to Julie and Peter:
With May 1 now being only 9 days away and rent being due at that time:
1. Is there any movement at all on the Emergency Rent Fund?
2. I'm confused and I know our business members will be confused as to the difference between the 75% wage subsidy and this new Emergency Wage Fund - are employees/employers allowed to apply for both or one or the other?  And again, how does this help businesses who are closed and have no employees at the moment; and, the main question - how does this help with rent for small businesses and landlords?
Finally - in my daily email this past Saturday I had asked if the NDP could step up their media presence on the rent issues facing small businesses and landlords in Ontario.  Peter Tabuns got back to me and his full response is below.


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