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June 8/20: Premier Ford's Update - Commercial Evictions & Stage 2 Openings

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Premier Ford has just completed his daily briefing and here are the relevant updates:
Temporary Moratorium on Commercial Evictions:
The Premier is legislating a temporary moratorium on commercial tenant evictions effective from June 3, 2020 to August 31, 2020.  Premier Ford is following the plan that is currently in place in BC which is - if a landlord is eligible to apply for the CECRA program but chooses not to apply then the landlord is NOT able to evict their commercial tenant for non-payment of rent - again in effective from June 3 to August 31, 2020.  The Premier has again urged all eligible landlords to apply for the CECRA program.
Stage 2 Openings:
Unfortunately Toronto is not able to move to Stage 2 openings - our current numbers of new Covid cases is still too high.  The Premier announced some regional openings that will take place this coming Friday - these are areas of the Province where new case numbers have remained low on a consistent basis.  
The Premier did say that for each of the next few Mondays he will review the areas that are still in Stage 1 and if numbers have been decreasing in a particular area that area will be able to open on the following Friday.  So we will have to see how Toronto is doing and if we make the Stage 2 reopening list next Monday.  In the meantime, current restrictions are still in place in Toronto.


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