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Destination Danforth: Construction begins this Monday

Good Morning All,

We've spent the past several weeks working with the City and our fellow BIAs on the Danforth to set the plans and components for the City's Destination Danforth program and the Cafe TO program which includes patio extensions on sidewalks and the upcoming curb lane patios.  We currently have 3 new patios in place on Broadview Avenue: El Charro (sidewalk extension), Si Espresso and Off The Hook (both have curb lane patios).  On Danforth we currently have sidewalk extended patios for The Edmund Burke, SideBar and The Auld Spot.  Further sidewalk extended patios on Danforth along with curb lane patios are coming.  
This coming Monday, July 13th the City will start the construction phase for Destination Danforth.  They will be starting in our BIA.  Attached is the construction notice that will provide you with full details on what is taking place.  The work will continue 24/7 - the noisy work will take place during the day and early evening.  The first part of this construction will be the removal of traffic/parking lines on the road - these are lines that will be repainted to accommodate the new bike lanes, parking lanes, traffic lanes.  Once the new lines are in the city will then install the bike lanes, buffer lanes between the bike lanes and the parking lanes and the curb lane patios will then be installed.  The plan is to have our BIA complete (or almost complete) by July 22nd.  As with all projects of this nature delays may happen - I will keep you updated on the progress.
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