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Wednesday, Sept. 23/20 Things 'n Stuff

Good Morning All,

At 2pm today the Federal govt will deliver it's Throne Speech and the PM will address the nation tonight at 6:30pm.  If there are any important updates I will send another email to you all later today.  In the meantime, I have a few things for you this morning:
DineOutTO Program & CafeTO survey:
The City is still accepting registrations from any restaurant or food service business for their DineOutTO program which will run from Sept. 23 to Oct. 30.  The City is also still accepting surveys from businesses and the public for this year's CafeTO program.  It is likely that the City will bring the CafeTO program back next spring so your feedback is important.  Links to both of these are below.

Restaurants can still register for DineOutTO Program

DineOutTO, a partnership between Destination Toronto and the City, is launching to the public tomorrow and runs to October 30. Culinary community businesses can still register right up to when the program ends.

City looking for feedback on CaféTO patio program

Launched in June, the CaféTO program supports Toronto restaurants by facilitating the creation and extension of patio space on sidewalks and curb lanes. To learn from its initiative, the City is asking for input from restaurant owners and the public. 

How To Use The Newly Designed Danforth Safely:
We have been pushing the City and Transportation Services to launch a Road Safety campaign for the redesigned Danforth.  We have all commented on the fact that with the addition of bike lanes, relocated parking lanes, curb lane patios people are somewhat challenged to get across the street.  We also are aware that some cyclists don't obey the rules of the road - stop signs, and red lights mean "stop" for drivers, walkers AND cyclists.  Drivers need to be more aware of cyclists and pedestrians as well; and pedestrians need to pay attention to cyclists and drivers.  Attached please find a pdf that Transportation Services created and has done a postal drop throughout the area from Broadview to Victoria Park.  We will be posting this on our social media platforms for the next 2 weeks.  If you could all lend a hand and post on your social media as well that would be greatly appreciated.  If we can increase awareness for road safety it may make things easier and safer for everyone.
Thanksgiving Social Media Campaign:
Thanksgiving is the weekend of October 10, 11, 12 and we would like to run a special campaign on our Social Media platforms thanking all of our customers for supporting our local businesses and let them know how much their continued support means to all of us.  We would like to use you, our business owners, in this campaign.  So if you are interested in saying a few words please let me know and Eszter, our sm manager, will book a day and time to come and see you and video your message (all safety precautions will be taken).  We can do a general thank you on your behalf but putting faces to the message is so much more impactful.  I hope that some of you will help us with this - we promise it will be easy!
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