Wednesday, 18 November 2020 07:33

Problem with the Provincial Grant Portals

Good Afternoon All,

Just following up on my email from this past Sunday re: the opening of the portals for the Provincial grants for Property Tax and Energy costs.  It seems that the portals are not working properly - so you may be having a hard time attaching documents etc.  The Province is working on the glitches so please keep checking back - hopefully these issues will be fixed asap.
Here's the link again for those who need it:

Property tax and energy cost rebates available for businesses affected by COVID-19 public health measures

The Ontario government is supporting businesses affected by COVID-19 public health measures by providing property tax and energy cost rebates. The rebates will cover the period of time that businesses are required to temporarily close or significantly restrict services as a result of being located in areas such as Toronto that have been subject to modified Stage 2 public health restrictions. Application forms will be available for eligible businesses on November 16. See Get help with COVID-19 costs web page for more information.

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