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Good Morning All,

Following yesterday's Think Outside The Big Box rally we've been approached by local ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo and they would like to create a campaign that would continue the message of shopping local and helping small businesses.  This campaign would start this coming Tuesday, Dec. 15 and run to Thursday, Dec. 17.  They are asking if any of you would be interested in participating - You would need to confirm your participation by tomorrow (Sunday).

Here's what they would like to do:

This Tuesday local ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo wants to continue our #ThinkOutsideTheBigBox initiative.  The idea centres around the installation of a number of “out-of-work” mannequins holding placard signs with messaging around the need for consumers to support local businesses. I’ve attached a quick mock-up image as reference.  

Together with Zulu and their PR team, they will be pushing for media coverage. 

They're asking for 3-4 members who would be Ok with Zulu placing a mannequin outside their store-front street side.  Without restricting any pedestrian access or impeding upon your displays, the ideal location would allow the mannequin to be clearly visible.  

Zulu would be arriving at some point on Tuesday to install the mannequins. As of now, they would ask for the mannequins to be brought back into your business at night – and re-placed the following morning.  They will pick up the mannequins at the end of day on Thursday.

It's an interesting idea.  If you would like to participate please email me as soon as possible and let me know.



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