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My last message for 2020!

Good Afternoon All,

Well I believe this will be my last email for this year (at least I'm hoping it is).  I want to start with a quick reminder that we have a number of Broadview Danforth certificates that were given out over the holidays.  680 News used them as their corporate gift this year, our restaurants still have some left from the Thrill of the Chill event, and one of our Board Members bought some to give to their staff as a Christmas gift.  There are 3 denominations: $5, $50, and $100.  I've attached a sample of what they look like - please make sure your staff are aware that they can accept these.  Again, as a reminder, if you do receive one all you have to do is email me and I will pop by and exchange the certificate for cash.
New Year's Eve is always a time to look back - not sure that any of us want to do that this year.  However, I just want to say how truly amazing you all are - each and every one of you have fought your way through this god forsaken year.  You've been through lock-downs, modified lock-downs, you've had to pivot to on-line sales and curbside pick-ups, you've served your wonderful meals on the street, you've had to purchase PPE (we didn't even know what PPE was at the start of this year), you've had to navigate government subsidy programs that even the best accountants found confusing, you spoke up for yourselves via media interviews, surveys and a rally on the street in front of your business.  Some of our business members did their best but sadly couldn't hang on; and, we've welcomed new members who took the leap and opened their businesses in our BIA despite the pandemic.  You've all been tireless in your efforts and I know that it has taken a toll - people are tired and stressed ..... and we all need a haircut - or maybe that's just me:-)  My New Year's hope for everyone is that when I send my year end email this time next year we are in a much, much better spot.
Your Board of Directors and I will continue to fight and advocate so that wish comes true.  In the meantime, I hope you all can raise a glass of something nice at midnight and kick 2020 out the door!
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