Friday, 16 April 2021 18:22

Ford announces new restrictions...

Good Afternoon All,

Here is a summary of the new restrictions announced late this afternoon by Premier Ford.
As of 12:01am tomorrow - Saturday, April 17/21:
1. Stay at Home Order has been extended to 6 weeks.  This takes us to mid-May.
2. All stores that currently allow in-store shopping (grocery, drug stores, LCBO)  will have a 25% capacity - you must post the maximum number of customers allowed in at any given time.
3. Playgrounds, golf courses, basketball courts etc. will be closed.
4. Non-essential construction will be shut down.
5. Police and By-law Enforcement officers have been given special authority to enforce the Stay at Home Orders which means that they can stop you and ask the purpose for you being out and ask for your address.  If you do not comply they have the authority to issue a $750.00 ticket.  You can go out to do essential errands, to get vaccinated or for other medical appointments, to go to work if it is not possible for you to work from home, to get some exercise or to walk the dog.  You can only be outside with members of your current household.  For people who live alone you can "bubble" with one other household.
6. As of this Monday there will be checkpoints set up at the borders between Ontario and Manitoba and Quebec to restrict people coming into Ontario or traveling out of Ontario.
For our retail and restaurant members it seems that you can continue as you have been - closed to in-store customers, able to do curbside pick-ups, deliveries, take-out.
If I receive any further information I will pass it on to you.
Have a safe weekend all.
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