Thursday, 18 June 2020 18:22

June 18/20 Update: Commercial Evictions + Destination Danforth

Good Afternoon All,

I have two items for you this afternoon as follows:

1. Moratorium on Commercial Evicitions
Last night the Provincial government passed the bill to ban commercial evicitions on a limited and temporary basis.  Below is a note from our MPP Peter Tabuns - please take a minute to read:

Last night the Provincial government passed a bill that provides eviction protection for small businesses that qualify for the Federal/Provincial commercial rent subsidy program, the CECRA. As most of you know very few businesses qualify and so, unfortunately, the bill will actually do very little. 

The NDP tried to negotiate improvements to the bill which would have made the bill retroactive to the beginning of the lockdown and to cover all small and medium sized businesses. Unfortunately, we could not get the support of the other parties in the legislature.

Because we could not get those changes we did not support the bill which was passed last evening.

I will continue to work with you to try to get protections for small businesses at this critical time. 


Peter Tabuns

2. Destination Danforth & Cafe TO Registrations

Work continues on the rapid roll out of the Complete Street plans for Danforth Avenue from Dawes to Broadview.  The aim is to have everything in place including the expanded/curb lane patios by late July.  Attached please find a 3 page file that will give you a better visual of the components that we're working on for this project.

Thank you to the restaurants/bars and cafes that have already submitted your registrations for the expanded/curb lane patios; and thank you for letting me know that your registration has been filed.  We have a dedicated team of people from the City just working on the Danforth components so I will be working with them to ensure that your applications are correct and are able to be approved.  If there is a problem with any application I will let you know and we will try to work it out.

For those of you who wish to participate in the CafeTO program I urge you to get your application in as soon as possible and please let me know once you've applied.  I'm attaching the one page registration information sheet once again should you need it.

I know that there are questions around some of the logistics of these expanded patios and I don't have all of the answers yet but will keep you updated as I get any additional information.  What I do know today is the following:
- the expanded/curb lane patios can operate for lunch/brunch service
- if it rains you can bring your customers inside your business but only the number of guests that would represent 50% of your inside capacity
- you will be required to bring your patio furniture inside each night after closing.  I'm still waiting to find out what time closing will be.
- this patio program will end mid-November (weather dependent)
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