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Sat. July 18/20 Update: Changes to Wage Subsidy Program + Danforth Construction

Good Afternoon All,

I have a couple of updates for you today as follows:
1. Proposed Changes to the Federal Wage Subsidy Program
Yesterday the Finance Minister announced that the Federal government will be putting forward changes to the current criteria for the Wage Subsidy program.  Of key significance is the proposed reduction to the current 30% revenue loss.  I know that for some of you this stipulation made you ineligible for this program.  The removal of this will allow more people to apply and receive the wage subsidy for their employees.  The Minister is also proposing an additional "top up" plan for those who have been hit the hardest.  This top up would be in the range of 25%.  Here is the link that the Feds put out so you can read all of the information pertaining to this announcement.  Further details and dates for enacting these changes will be announced shortly.

2. Destination Danforth Construction
So far the north side of Danforth has been painted and old lines removed.  Today the contractor has started the painting and old line removal on the south side of Danforth.  Currently we are half a day ahead of schedule.
Planter barriers for Curb Lane patios are expected to be installed this coming Wednesday, July 22.  Once all of these barriers are properly in place we will be able to proceed with opening the curb lane patios for those restaurants that have received approvals.
Parking - there is some confusion about parking during the Cafe TO program.  We will have parking on the Danforth during the program.  In our BIA parking will be mostly on the north side of Danforth; we will have some parking on the south side but not as much because we have more curb lane patios on the south side than on the north side.  So where there is a curb lane patio there will be NO parking and the new cycle lane will swing around the curb lane patio section.  The Cafe TO program runs until November 16/20.  Once it is completed and the patios have been removed parking will be re-established fully.
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