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Thursday, Aug. 20 Updates & Information

Good Afternoon All,

I have a few things for you today as follows:

1. De-escalation Seminars

Attached please find information from the City regarding de-escalation seminars that will be hosted between Sept. 1 and Oct. 8.  Over the past months we have seen an increase throughout the City in incidents with the public that put our business owners in difficult situations - whether it be push-backs on wearing a mask in a store, giving names and contact info at restaurants, challenges with homeless people.  This seminar series is designed to provide you with some basic tools to help deal with situations as they come up.  I encourage you to register for one of the dates - I think you will find the information to be helpful.

2. Destination Danforth Loading Survey

Our Destination Danforth team has created a survey and we're asking each of you to please take a few minutes to fill it in.  We need your feedback on loading areas and loading/delivery concerns that have come up as a result of the new Danforth street design.  Here is the link and the survey will close on Sept. 4th.

3. A reminder....
Just a quick reminder that we're hoping some of you are able to ask your customers how they came to your business - bike, car, walking, TTC.  We sent you all an email last week along with a form that you can use.  
4. Road/Cyclist Safety Issues
We are pushing our Destination Danforth team and Councillor to roll out a road safety campaign as soon as possible.  We're finding that the cyclists (some not all) are disregarding the rules of the road - basic things like not speeding, stopping at red lights and stop signs, being aware of pedestrians etc.  We had a meeting this morning about this and are hoping that a campaign can be rolled out within the next week or two.
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